Small Groups / Quilting Bees

Small Groups (or Bees) are a great way to get together with other quilters in a more intimate and informal atmosphere for friendship, conversation, and quilting. They make attending our monthly meetings more enjoyable, as you will begin to recognize familiar faces. Anyone can set up a small group. Each group decides its size and focus. The Beekeeper is available to help members with similar interests or locations find each other. If you are interested in forming a group or adding members to your group, email the She will contact you and help connect you with other members.

Existing Small Groups are

Attention Deficit...Ooh! Shiny! (ADOS)
Art Quilters of Plano (AQOP) - see below
Best Fabric Friends (BFFs)
Binding Friends
Dallas Quilters Marathon - see below
Featherweight Fellowship - see below
Frayed Edges and Dropped Stitches (FEDS)
Going to Pieces
Guilded Ladies
Learning Interesting New Techniques - (LINT)
Net Gang
Nifty Needlers
Plain-o Piecers
Quilty Pleasures
Saturday Sewing (Community Service)
Sew Happy (Senior Education)
Sew 'n Sews
Sew Whats
Sit and Sew (Community Service)
Strip Piecers
Sunrise Sewers - see below
SWL-Applique Club
Thursday Thimblers
To Bee Determined
To Bee or Not to Bee
We Bee Quiltin'
Wednesday Girls - Texas Branch
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Art Quilters of Plano (AQOP)

The Art Quilters of Plano is an open small group. There are no membership requirements, simply an interest in Art quilting and a desire to learn. Our typical meeting starts with sharing our completed art work, often employing a technique or challenge from a previous meeting. We follow that with a demo or workshop provided by our members. Please feel free to attend meetings held the 4th Saturday of every month at Fabric Fanatics 9:00am to 11:00am. For more information contact any member of the Art Quilters of Plano or Lori Hutyra.

Dallas Quilters Marathon

This group meets several times a year at the Dallas Games Marathon on the SE corner of Parker and Alma for (Friday morning to Sunday afternoon) 3-day Day Retreats. Please visit the Facebook page Dallas Quilters Marathon and request membership to join the fun. Or you can contact Janet Plotkin ( for more information. The next 3-Day Retreat scheduled at Dallas Games Marathon is Friday-Sunday, March 22-24.. These retreats are a great way to spread out for a big project, get inspired or championed to finish the next step, and meet some new sewing friends. You do not have to be a member of QGPlano to attend the Day Retreat, but we would encourage you to give the Guild a try; we have a lot to offer.

Open Small Groups

Members wishing to join a small group are invited to attend these open groups:

Sunrise Sewers
2nd & 4th Fridays
Mornings 10-12pm, Afternoons 1-3pm
(Or you can stay all day!)
4th Wednesdays
Evenings 7-9pm

All meetings of these two open groups are held in the Activity Room at

Sunrise Seniors Plano
4800 W. Parker Rd.
Plano (between Ohio and Preston)

Now Forming

New Featherweight Fellowship groups are now forming:
4th Friday and/or 4th Saturday of each month.
Email to confirm meeting time and place.