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Quiltmakers Puzzle Block of the Month Challenge

This Block of the Month will feature not just 12, but 13 blocks over 6 months (so they can be set on point). The focus of this activity is color value, and its importance in creating a successful quilt. If you have ever sat down to sew, but then found your color choices didn't create the depth that you wanted, or the quilt appeared muddied, then you may have picked fabrics that were too close in value. This is because the value of a color, its lightness or darkness, plays a more important role in a quilt design than the actual color. When value is used well, it can create depth, add emphasis, as well as add a lot of interest to a quilt.

For this quilt, you will be picking 8 fabrics to make your blocks. The block that you will be putting together each month will be the same every time, but with unique color placement within each block design, you will be able to create blocks that look strikingly different from one another. Finish the blocks each month and bring them in to the following meeting to show off your work! Click on the links provided below to find all the resources that you need.

Overview and Instructions
Fabric Requirements and Swatch Page
Quiltmakers Puzzle Coloring Page (Just for fun!)

Blocks 1 & 2 instructions

Blocks 3 & 4 instructions (revised)

Photos of blocks 5 and 6 coming soon. Blocks 5 & 6 instructions

Soup Bowl Cozy Challenge and Exchange

It's almost time for the holidays, can you believe it? For this year's December challenge, we will be making microwaveable bowl holders! This time of year is a very busy time for most, with presents to make or shop for, so it can be hard to find time to make something for a guild exchange. Quick and easy to make, these bowls use very little materials and are super useful! Click on the link below for a pdf pattern filled with lots of helpful pictures. Or, if you have another microwaveable bowl pattern you would prefer to use, feel free to do so. Just be sure that all materials are 100% cotton, as they will be going into the microwave and polyester can catch fire. Bring in your bowl in a cute gift bag at the December meeting and we will have a fun gift exchange!

Soup Bowl Cozy Pattern & Instructions

To watch a video of a different, but similar, Bowl Cozy, go to Crafty Gemini Bowl Cozy.

If you have any questions contact Leanna Williams.

Previous Challenges

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