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Quilters Guild of Plano Upcoming Programs

November 2017 - Allison Bayer
November 9 Lecture - My Scrappy World
November 11 Workshop - Scrap User's System

December 2017 - Holiday Party
December 14 Meeting - Holiday Party, plus a "Christmas Boutique"
and Trash to Treasure Sale
No workshops this month

January 2018 - Charlotte Angotti
January 11 Lecture - Why Aren't You Making More Quilts? I Know You Have the Fabric.
January 12 Workshop - Surprise Yourself!
January 13 Workshop - Let Me Surprise You!

February 2018 - Judy Steward
February 8 Lecture - Quilt as Desired, What Do I Desire?
February 10 Workshop - Machine Quilting on Your Domestic Sewing Machine

March 2018 - Maria Hall
March 9 Lecture - One Block, 12 Quilts
No workshops this month

April 2018 - Kathy Dunigan
April 12 Lecture - To Be Announced
April 13 Workshop - To Be Announced
April 14 Workshop - To Be Announced

May 2018 - Show Roll-Out, Skill Demos, and Monica Hendewerk
May 10 Meeting - Show Roll-Out and Skill Builder Demos
May 11 Workshop - Monica Hendewerk - Brag Bag
May 12 Workshop - Monica Hendewerk - Brag Bag

June 2018 - Patsy Thompson
June 14 Lecture - Thread Power
June 15 Workshop - Intro to Ruler Work for the Sit-Down Quilter
June 16 Workshop - Free Motion Quilting for the True Beginner

July 2018 - To Be Announced
July 12 Meeting - To Be Announced
No workshops this month

August 2018 - Quilt Show Preview Night
August 9 Meeting - Preview Night
No workshops this month

September 2018 - Melinda Bula
September 13 Lecture - Developing the Artist Within Through Quilts & Wearable Arts
September 14 Workshop - Fabulous Fusible Flowers: Coneflower
September 15 Workshop - Renegade Thread Play Technique

October 2018 - Jen Eskridge
October 11 Lecture - Get Published
October 12 Workshop - Random Circles and Giant Flying Geese (two 3-hour workshops)
October 13 Workshop - Cube Purse Pattern

November 2018 - Dani Ives
November 9 Lecture - Felt with Me: Learn How to "Paint" with Wool
November 10 Workshop - Felt with Me: Learn How to "Paint" with Wool

December 2018 - Holiday Party
December 14 Meeting - Holiday Party
No workshops this month

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sewing notions

The fee for Quilters Guild of Plano workshops has been reduced to $35. The fee is the same for members or non-members and remains the same even if you sign up the day of the workshop. We still encourage you to sign up early to reserve your spot and to allow the workshop presenter to prepare an appropriate number of kits or materials for the workshop. Please take advantage of this price reduction to sign up for some of the upcoming workshops and learn something new, have some fun, and enjoy a day with your quilting friends or to make new quilting friends.

You can sign up for upcoming workshops at any guild meeting, or print out and mail this Workshop Registration Form with your payment.

New! - You can now sign up online! Each workshop will have a "Sign Up" link - using the link, you can reserve your place in the workshop. You will still pay the traditional way, either by mail or in person, but your spot in the workshop will be reserved right away.

Click on the month below for details on that month's speaker/workshops.


Guild Meeting Thursday, November 9 - Allison Bayer, My Scrappy World


Allison C. Bayer was bitten by the quilting bug in 1995. For the last 22 years she has professionally longarm quilted 3,305 quilts for herself and customers, many winning ribbons. She also has a collection of over 100 vintage sewing machines she has repaired and restored. She enjoys piecing scrappy quilts with the scraps she has made/accumulated and filed into a Scrap User's System. She shares a lovely home with her husband Jerry of 33 years. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1996 and opened her own longarm quilting business in 1997.

scrap quilts

My Scrappy World - Hang on to your scrappy seats... you are going on a visual seven-year journey of over 20 scrap quilts and what Allison has learned from each one. You've heard the saying "You get better with each quilt?" Well, it is true. The Scrap User's System developed by Bonnie K. Hunter, Allison's personal piecing hero, works beautifully to turn out lovely, "I can't believe I made that!!" scrappy quilts. From the simplest units you too can make your scrap quilt dreams come true.

Workshop, November 11 - Allison Bayer, Scrap User's System
at Best Little Retreat Center in Texas - setup at 8:30, workshop at 9:00


The Scrap User's System was created by Bonnie Hunter. Allison Bayer will be teaching us this method with Bonnie’s permission. It used to be if I wanted to make a "scrap quilt" I'd have to dig through all my scraps, big chunks, odd shapes, pieces of this or that all stuffed in a basket or box for 'some day.' I'd have to iron them, sort them, and cut them even before I started sewing. I think I would lose interest before the quilt even got started! Are you the same way?

It could have been named the "Scrap Saver's" system, but the point is that we want to USE our scraps, not just save them forever! The purpose of this system is to show you how to continually work your scraps so they are always at the ready for scrap piecing. Remember when you were little that wooden blocks (or legos if you aren't that old!) came in different pre-cut sizes and you could make things with them? You could build a house or build a road because certain sizes just went together and FIT. Think of your scraps like building blocks which are what they should be used for, building QUILT blocks!

Learn to improve your piecing skills for a variety of units. We will cover four patch, 9-Patch, ½ square triangles, quarter square triangles, flying geese, rails, Peaky & Spike (also known as the 54/40 or Fight block) and flip/sew corners for snowballs and half chevrons. Take the class because you have projects you want to finally finish. Take it because you finally want to use the scraps you have on hand. Learning how to “clean up” after a project is finished is something I wish I had known when I was a new quilter!! We'll be making a notebook of the samples we sew after lunch. The morning will be spent processing scraps for your very own "Scrap User's System."

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The previously scheduled lecture and workshop by Rose-Clair Fletcher has been postponed because Rose-Clair will be having further knee surgery.

Guild Meeting - Thursday, January 11 - Charlotte Angotti, Why Aren't You Making More Quilts? I Know You Have the Fabric.


While shopping with her mother in 1977, (really, that long ago!), Charlotte wandered into a quilt shop and everything changed from there. Educated in fine arts, speech and drama, she brings a variety of talents to the class and in a most humorous way.

She has been teaching quilt-making since 1978 because someone asked Charlotte to teach her. Her first quilt was sold right after making it. She has sold many since. In 1981 Charlotte opened a quilt shop, Quilt Works, in Virginia Beach, VA. She sold the shop in 1999. She has been teaching nationally/internationally since 1991 and now lives in the Lafayette, LA, area, moving there in 2016.

Quilt Maker's Studio was started when Charlotte realized there were a few left-over kits now and then. The "orphan" kits are sometimes available on the website, but more often offered for sale in other classes as she travels. The kits are so popular it is difficult to get them online before they are sold! The kits are laser cut and go together perfectly. They make sewing a quilt simply as good as it gets.

It has been said many times, if you hear laughter coming from a room, there is a good chance Charlotte is in there. Charlotte is known for humor, her way with color and fabric, her pre-cut kits, and now a new book, Surprise Yourself! Charlotte is a fun person to have on a faculty or as a teacher coming to your guild. She believes her hobby is quiltmaking and her job is teaching others to enjoy it as much as she does.

Workshop - Friday, January 12th - Charlotte Angotti - Surprise Yourself!
Best Little Retreat Center in Texas - setup at 8:30am, workshop at 9:00am

design 1

For years Charlotte has used her own methods for designing and cutting her kits for "Let Me Surprise You!" Now there is a book. She has written a book, along with her good friend, Debbie Caffrey. In this class, by the same name as the book, you will get her half of the train ride. Both authors do mystery classes, designing quilts, choosing fabrics and making the quilts. Each have a similar yet very different approach to getting to the final destination. The book is written as if you are on a train, following the Blue line for Charlotte and the Green line for Debbie.

design 2

This workshop will use the techniques for simple design, cutting and sewing techniques from the Blue line. Using easy units and an artistic eye you will be creating your own designs as well as not needing the crazy directions often found in patterns and books. With this freedom you can easily see how many quilts are broken down and put back together again!

Certain patterns are easier than others, and using basic units you will begin to create instead of just copy. This class is full of information, real quilts and real solutions to everyday problems in quilt making. The book is not required for the class, but it sure is a great source!

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Workshop - Saturday, January 13th - Charlotte Angotti - Let Me Surprise You!
Best Little Retreat Center in Texas - setup at 8:30am, workshop at 9:00am

surprise you

Finally, a class that you know you have brought the right things for! In this fun-filled class, a kit of CUT fabrics is furnished. This is a wonderful group workshop for those that just want to sew and not have any cutting or thinking to do. Kit fee is $100.

This class is the most popular class Charlotte offers. It fills quickly and is a SURPRISE in more ways than one. It is a mystery type class. No one gets any hints and yet those who take the class will want to take another. Each class is a different quilt. Rarely are the kits repeated. All kits in class are the same, there is no choice for the students. This is the type of class that works well at shows, because it lets the students have a great time plus have a successful project. It is also great for guilds where the students know each other and like to talk and don't usually get that chance in other classes.

Anyone stuck in a color group, who needs to be in control of her project or one who wants to learn lots of cutting tips most likely will not like this workshop. Someone who loves to sew all day with no worries, laughing and having a great time with a project worth finishing will love this workshop.

Let Me Surprise You! Supply List

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Guild Meeting - Thursday, February 8th - Judy Steward, Quilt As Desired, What Do I Desire?


I am a quilt artist who also loves to teach others about quilting and making their dream a reality. It is exciting to see their eyes light up in that moment when they realize they too can make their creation come alive under my guidance.

Fabric, color, and texture inspire me as a quilt artist. Art first captured my heart at a young age. My childhood included wonderful opportunities to make cornhusk dolls, decorate cakes, sew garments, refinish furniture and many other creative pastimes. It was fun to dream up ideas to create something unique and beautiful.

When I started quilting there were no quilt shops in the area nor rotary cutters, rulers or cutting mats. I made quilts in the footsteps of my ancestors by hand piecing, hand appliquéing, and hand quilting. To make squares for a quilt I traced around a piece of cardboard and then cut it out with scissors. It was time consuming and inaccurate, but I found joy in working with fabric and putting colors and textures together to create art. Each traditional quilt that I made has helped me learn skills and techniques that I use to make my art quilts.

Today I also draw and create designs with machine quilting that goes far beyond what my grandmother could imagine. Thread, designs, texture and color all mix in to bring my art to life. I have been teaching quilting classes since the mid 1990s. My students experience the joy and "Aha" moment of understanding a quilting technique that makes the whole process of making a quilt fun. Both traditional and art quilt techniques are presented in my available classes.

Workshop - Saturday, February 9th - Judy Steward - Rural Life Series Quilt Pattern
Best Little Retreat Center in Texas - setup at 8:30am, workshop at 9:00am

rural life

Details coming soon

Workshop - Saturday, February 9th - Judy Steward - Rural Life Series Quilt Pattern
Best Little Retreat Center in Texas - setup at 8:30am, workshop at 9:00am

quilting sample

Details coming soon

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