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Quilters Guild of Plano Upcoming Programs

April 2017 - Rose-Clair Fletcher
April 13 Lecture - Portraits in Thread and Pencils
April 15 Workshop - Portraits in Thread and Pencils

May 2017 - Quilt Show Roll-Out and Skill Builder Demos
May 11
May 12 Workshop - MJ Fielek - Bindings
May 13 Workshop - Sherry Worley - Dyeing Cotton Socks and Fabric

June 2017 - Alice Kolb
June 8 Program - Trunk Show with Emphasis on Wearables
June 9 Workshop - Stitch a Connection - Sashiko
June 10 Workshop - Tiny Treasures - A Small Art Piece

July 2017 - MJ Fielek
July 13 Lecture - Making Beautiful Quilts Out of Simple Shapes
Workshop(s) to be announced

August 2017 - Quilt Show Preview Night
August 10
No workshops this month

September 2017 - Martha Lindberg
September 14 Lecture - My Quilt Journey Trunk Show
September 16 Workshop - Wonky Dresden Neighborhood

October 2017 - Deborah Boschert
October 12 Lecture - All About Art Quilts
October 13 Workshop - Captivating Composition
October 14 Workshop - Techniques with Paint and Ink

November 2017 - Allison Bayer
November 9 Lecture - My Scrappy World
November 11 Workshop - Scrap User's System

December 2017 - Holiday Party
December 14
No workshops this month

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The fee for Quilters Guild of Plano workshops has been reduced to $35. The fee is the same for members or non-members and remains the same even if you sign up the day of the workshop. We still encourage you to sign up early to reserve your spot and to allow the workshop presenter to prepare an appropriate number of kits or materials for the workshop. Please take advantage of this price reduction to sign up for some of the upcoming workshops and learn something new, have some fun, and enjoy a day with your quilting friends or to make new quilting friends.

You can sign up for upcoming workshops at any guild meeting, or print out and mail this Workshop Registration Form with your payment.

Please note this change: Due to scheduling conflicts, the May workshop days have been swapped. MJ Fielek will do the Bindings workshop on Friday, May 12, and Sherry Worley will do the Dyeing workshop on Saturday, May 13th.

Click on the month below for details on that month's speaker/workshops.

April 2017

April Guild Meeting - Thursday, April 13th
Hunters Glen Baptist Church
Rose-Clair Fletcher - Portraits in Thread and Pencils


I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and came to Texas when my husband left the Air Force in 1988. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Art Education and an Associate Degree in Graphic Design.

When I was little I watched my grandmother sew on her treadle sewing machine. She could look at a picture of a dress in the Sears Catalog and sit down and make it. I started sewing as soon as I could pick up a needle and not stab myself. I quilted a few things after having kids, but believe me, they were nothing to get excited about! Then my son Todd married Tiffany, the daughter of Linda V. Taylor of Linda's Electric Quilters, which introduced me to "real" quilting. (I have been working at LEQ since 2007 as a graphic designer, designing ads, newsletters, digitizing patterns, and making some of my own.)

A friend of mine introduced me to Art Quilts, and I really enjoy making them. At first I made quilts based on a theme - "Cinderella's Night At The Ball," "Robin Hood," and "The Princess and the Pea." They took so long to make - 2 1/2 years for Cinderella - that I wanted to make some that would not take as long so I could make more than a hand full in the next 10 years. I then tried portrait quilts, which I love and have been doing ever since. I'm also a member of Art Quilters of Plano, which is a part of the Quilters Guild of Plano. You can see our display at the Quilt Plano Show.

I believe I joined the Quilters Guild of Plano in 2004. I enjoy making the graphics for ads, designing show T-Shirts and pins for the Guild. I also love the friendship of the members and small groups and classes.

portrait 2 portrait 1 portrait 3

Workshop - Saturday, April 15th
Best Little Retreat Center in Texas, 7989 Beltline Rd. #168 (at Coit), Dallas, TX 75248
Setup at 8:30am, workshop at 9:00am
Rose-Clair Fletcher- Portraits in Thread and Pencils

class portrait

We'll be making an 8.5"x 11" portrait quilt. A kit will be provided. You may bring your own printed color photo, or you may use the one provided in the kit. The kit portrait has been simplified, so you should be able to do most of it in class.

We'll learn how to make a "template" on vinyl from a photograph.
We'll learn how to transfer that photo from the vinyl onto fabric using a light table and micron/sharpie pen.
We'll then color that fabric with colored pencils and then fuse the shapes onto the background fabric.
We'll add fabric for the hair and shirt.
Lastly, we'll thread paint the image with machine embroidery thread going over the colors we drew with colored pencils.

For details on what will be provided and what you need to bring, see the Supply List. (Kit required)

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May 2017 - MJ Fielek


MJ Fielek has been sewing since she was quite young. She taught sewing and tailoring at Eastfield College and "Sewing with Knits" at Richardson High School. Her love turned to quilting in 1979 when she drafted and made her first quilt. Over the years MJ has made hundreds of quilts. She entered and was accepted in the Houston IQA show and won 2nd place in the 2-person category. She has even traveled to Europe to the International Quilt Expo and taken classes from many European teachers. Her whole house is one big quilting studio!

MJ teaches beginners' classes, a tips and techniques class, binding, and advanced classes such as Double Wedding Ring, Feathered Star, and Lone Star. Her binding class has become the class to take. She teaches 2-color binding, binding with tuck, stuffed binding, and how to make perfect corners on all your quilts.

Workshop - Friday, May 12th
Best Little Retreat Center in Texas, 7989 Beltline Rd. #168 (at Coit), Dallas, TX 75248
Setup at 8:30am, workshop at 9:00am
MJ Fielek - Bindings

In the Binding Class we will discuss how to trim your quilt, picking the right color binding, and what type of binding to use on your quilt. The types of bindings that are covered in class:

We will discuss how to bind scallops, bias binding, and piping on the edge of the quilt. We will also talk about binding miniature quilts and the best way to bind them.

Bindings Supply List

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May 2017 - Sherry Worley

hand dye 1

My business card says it all...Sherry Worley quiltmaker, hand dyer, craftsman. I have been making quilts for most of my life. I even still have some of the polyester double knit quilts I made in the 1970's. I prefer traditional patterns, but find myself drawn to bright multicolored fabrics.

Which brings us to hand dyed fabrics! I have been hand dyeing quilting cottons for about 20 years. There is something very satisfying about creating color on white fabric. I also really enjoy the surprises of hand dyed fabric. You never know exactly what you are going to have at the end. I recently add ice dyeing to the techniques I use, and the results are truly exciting. Ice dyed patterns are unlike anything I have done before. The action of melting ice drawing dye powder into folded and pleated fabric creates soft edged floral form designs. If you are someone who sees pictures in clouds, you will love these fabrics. Each is truly a one of a kind piece of art.

My definition of craftsman is someone who has studied their craft and through knowledge and practice always strives to create the best work of which they are capable. I exhibit my finished quilts at shows in the area and have been fortunate enough to have advanced to the Master categories. However my true calling is making quilts for Community Service. Each quilt has a destiny to spread love and warmth and I enjoy sending them out to fulfil their purpose.

Workshop - Saturday, May 13th
Best Little Retreat Center in Texas, 7989 Beltline Rd. #168 (at Coit), Dallas, TX 75248
Setup at 8:30am, workshop at 9:00am
Sherry Worley - Dyeing Cotton Socks and Fabric

hand dye 2 hand dye 3

Click here for the Supply List and more workshop info.

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